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PTA Forms for Parents and Yearbook Information

MDE PTA Check Request OR PTA Reimbursement Form

Please complete and sign this form in order to get reimbursed from the PTA for expenses already paid or to get a check issued to pay a third party from PTA funds. Please have the Committee Chair sign the form as well. Thank you!

PTA Reimbursement Request For Parents and Chairs

Tax Exemption Form -This form is used to give to a retailer when purchasing goods or services for PTA purposes. You may sign as a Committee Chair or Committee Member when purchasing items on behalf of the PTA.

TIP: You may want to keep the PTA’s TAX ID number in your phone, sometimes that is all that is needed.  It’s 76-0681143.

MDE Tax Exemption Certificate 2019


Yearbook Pictures Needed!

Do you want YOUR CHILD to have lots of pictures in the yearbook?  Did you take some cute shots on the first day of school?  Do you ever come have lunch with your child, go to parties at the school, or chaperone field trip?  Do you own a smart phone?  If so, YOU can be a yearbook photographer!!

It’s easy!  Just take a picture or two when you’re on campus, and submit them through the ios or Android app.  All you need to do is label the picture with the TEACHER or EVENT.  (NOT the child’s name)

The “First day of school page” will be completed within the next few weeks, so please submit those pictures today, before you forget!!!

From your smartphone:

Download the Balfour ImageShare App for easy uploads from your phone!

Project number (005069)     Password (mde20)

From your computer:

  1. Visit tops-services/publicupload/ loginForm
  2. Enter our project number (005069) and password (mde20)
  3. Enter your contact information in case we have questions
  4. Browse and select images from your computer to upload
  5. Provide name of teacher and/or event

*DO NOT name each student!   We only need the teacher name.

There will be thousands of images in this directory so it is vital that they be labeled!

  1. Click Begin Upload to upload your images.

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