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Generation Texas Week

“Pony Proud and College Bound”

Generation TX celebrated at MDE Oct. 1-5, 2018

As part of our school district’s commitment to focusing and preparing our students for post-secondary educational opportunities, we have designated the first week in October as “Pony Proud and College Bound” at Memorial Drive Elementary.

 Various activities emphasizing post-secondary education will be highlighted here at MDE as well as in all schools in SBISD during Generation Texas Week. Our teachers will be discussing their college experiences, information about their own universities, and sharing some basic information about college, how to get in and how to be successful.  College logos and/or mascots for the teacher’s alma mater will be displayed in the classrooms. Classroom teachers, as well as our specials teachers will be emphasizing the importance of attending college. Students are encouraged to wear T-shirts or hats with college logos during the week. Time will be spent on the morning announcements highlighting various universities and showcasing the MDE faculty’s alma mater.

 Family Involvement Opportunities:

  •  Your child will bring home an activity that we encourage all students to complete with a parent or other adult regarding their own post-secondary experience. You may have attended and/or graduated from a college or university, a junior college, a trade/technical school or a specialized school such as the Culinary Institute. Please take time to share your experiences with your child as you instill the importance of higher education and encourage him/her to set goals for the future. After completing, please return the form to your child’s teacher.
  • Students are asked to either draw or print from a computer an emblem of the college they would like to attend. Students are to bring these to school and turn them in to the teacher. We will be creating displays on classroom doors of the various colleges of interest throughout the campus. For added fun, you may want to go to that college’s website and view it with your child. Help your child locate the university on a US map. You can even apply math skills by finding how far the university is from your home.

  • We have a special bulletin board by our library for Success week.  Next time you are in the school, read all about our wonderful staff’s college experiences.  We will be checking throughout the week to see all the colleges represented at MDE!


There are numerous websites in which you can explore information about colleges and careers. ACHIEVE TEXAS has a list of approved websites. That web address  After opening the website, click on “Resources.”  Another excellent resource which provides helpful information is The Think Early College website is specifically designed for younger students to explore career opportunities and college options. It also has fun activities for children to do pertaining to a variety of subjects. (

 Please join us in emphasizing the importance of post high school education by talking to your children about attending colleges/specialized schools and by supporting our various MDE activities as we celebrate post-secondary education during the week.

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