Cultural Arts Week – January 13-17

Click  HERE to Volunteer for Cultural Arts

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Winter Crush February 8th

Purchase Auction Tickets HERE. Early purchase discount ends January 1st.

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Fall Festival is Friday, October 25th from 3-5 pm at MDE

Rides * Games * Cake Walk * Bake Sale * Haunted House * Teacher Lunch Auction * Tricks and Treats!

A $25 Wristband includes 5 free tickets.  Wristband will provide unlimited access to games, inflatables, rides, an obstacle course and the haunted house.
Additional tickets can be purchased for $1 each. Tickets are required for food, drinks, confetti eggs and getting friends in and out of jail.

  Click HERE to buy Wristbands and Tickets today!

Early Bird Pricing Ends October 23rd at Noon. Event day wristbands will be $30. Avoid lines and buy NOW!

Rides/Games: (Unlimited with Wristbands OR Tickets are needed)
$2: Pirate Moonwalk, Obstacle course (football), Gator Bait slide, Meltdown, Wrecking ball carnival ride,
Wrecking ball, Virtual reality, Airborne, Hair Spray, and Haunted House.
$1: Strike A Light, Sand Art, Disc drop/Plinko, Animal spin, Tattoos, Blood & Bandages
Carnival games: (Tickets only)
$1: Cake Walk, Bake Sale,  Jail,  Pick-a-chop, Popcorn, Drinks
$4: PDQ
$5: Confetti eggs (dozen)

If you have any questions, please contact our Fall Festival chairs Veronica Gompers or Julia Rigdon.

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Heros Lunch

heroes lunch inviteDo you have a family member who is a veteran, police officer or fire fighter?  If you do please ask them to join your child for a special “Heroes” lunch on Friday, November 8th!  The MDE PTA will provide lunch for your child’s guest and our local first responders.

Our MDE students love this fun day celebrating our heroes so please invite your veteran family members to join us!

Please RSVP to [email protected] by Wednesday, November 6.

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2019-2020 Gifted and Talented Identification Process


2019-2020 Gifted and Talented Identification Process 

Ana Vazao, Counselor, [email protected]

Spring Branch ISD provides a comprehensive continuum of services (K-12) that is responsive to the needs, interests, and abilities of gifted and talented students. The Gifted and Talented Program identifies and serves the special educational needs of students with advanced learning abilities in language arts/social studies, and/or mathematics/science.

Parents who would like to refer their child for screening must provide permission for assessment and complete the on-line Parent Referral Form.

Referral Forms are available on-line at


These forms must be completed by Monday, October 21st.

Please note that no late referrals can be accepted due to timeline constraints.

Important Information about the GT Identification Process

Planned Experiences

SBISD implements standardized screening activities in every classroom K-5. These are short, educational activities that teachers will incorporate into their lesson plans. By doing the activities with all students, teachers will be screening all students for possible referral for the GT program. Regardless of performance on these activities, parents may refer their children for the GT program. The assessment of these activities will be combined into one measure to be included in the GT identification process.

Two-Step Process

SBISD has developed a two-step identification process to efficiently assess students’ needs for the services provided by the Gifted and Talented Program. Level 1 is the first step of the process. Data in Level 1 of the process will be collected for every student referred for the GT program. This step includes collecting data from:

  •  students through the Planned Experiences mentioned above,
  •  teachers through a standardized behavioral inventory,
  •  from parents through the parent inventory
  • MAP District Testing (NRT)


A student must have at least one score that meets the GT standard in Level 1 to continue in the identification process. Students who have no scores meeting the GT standard in Level 1 will not continue in the identification process and will not be tested.

Level 2 is the second step of the identification process. Level 2 includes the administration of nationally standardized, norm-referenced tests. This testing will take place during the school day. The district identification committee will review the data collected for all students who completed Level 2 of the process to determine which students’ data indicate the need for GT services.

Honor Scores for Two Years

SBISD will honor test scores for two years, beginning in 1st grade. The publishers of standardized tests clearly indicate that the scores are representative of a student’s ability for a two-year period. For this reason, we will honor a student’s scores acquired through the GT identification process for two years. This does not include Kindergarten students. Students may be referred each year, but the previous year’s test scores will be utilized. Students that were tested last year will not be re-tested again this school year for GT identification.

GT Identification Process Timeline

 September 17th – Community GT Awareness Meeting  (English)

SBISD Administration Building  6:00-7:30 pm   955 Campbell Road


September 20th – Community GT Awareness Meeting  (English)

SBISD Administration Building  12:00-1:30 pm   955 Campbell Road


October 21st – GT On-line Referral Deadline

No late referrals can be accepted due to timeline constraints.  OR

November 8th – Level 1 parent notification letters mailed. This letter will be mailed to all parents of students that were referred indicating whether the child will continue in the screening process and take the standardized tests.

November 18th-December 13th Window for Level 2 testing of only those students who qualified in Level 1.

February 18thNotification to parents regarding Level 2 mailed

February 24th – Kindergarten services begin for students who qualified for services

April 27th – All GT appeals due to counselor

May 20th – Appeals notification mailed to parents

For additional information, please reach out to Ana Vazao, School Counselor at Memorial Drive Elementary



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Buy your tickets to the Family Dinner on September 17th

We’re gearing up for an enchanted week of events at MDE’s Enchanted Forest Book Fair. Help us to make the event a success by volunteeringClick HERE

Buy your Tickets to the Chic-fil-A Family Dinner now!

Please Note: The Spaghetti Dinner is now The Chick-fil-A Family Dinner and will be held on Tuesday, September 17th at 5:00 pm in the MDE Cafeteria. This year we will have Chick-fil-A Nuggets or Sandwiches with sides. 

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MDE Annual Fund 2019-2020

Click HERE to Donate!

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Crime Stoppers presents – Parent’s Guide to Cyber Safety

Monday, September 9th 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Join us for a presentation from Crime Stoppers titled – Parent’s Guide to Cyber Safety. This will be a discussion on social media apps, hidden apps, live streaming, games, online challenges, dating apps, online dangers, how to spot, what to watch for, safety settings & laws. You won’t want to miss this!

This will be held on Monday, September 9th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in the MDE Cafeteria.  Invite friends and neighbors. This community event is for adults only and will provide invaluable information every parent should hear.

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Visiting Authors – Greg James and Chris Smith


Visiting Authors on September 11th

Signed Book Purchase  Deadline  September 4th

Visiting Authors Greg James and Chris Smith, morning DJs on BBC Radio 1, will visit MDE on Sept. 11th to discuss their middle grade series KID NORMAL.  Their target age group is 9-11, and will present to 3rd – 5th grades.  To get a preview, here is a video of the two of them reading from their book. If you would like to purchase a signed copy of their book, please complete form and return it to your teacher or the library by Sept. 4th.   The online version of the form is linked HERE.

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Membership Toolkit – NEW Directory, Store, Calendar, Volunteer Sign Up App

Memberhsip Toolkit is the new PTA E-News, directory and store site that allows you to use your home computer and an app on your mobile device for your PTA information needs.  You can also sign up to volunteer and check the PTA Calendar via the app. Here is all you do!

Need a little more help with Membership Tookit? Download this Step by Step Information Guide for more help.

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