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Junior Achievement

A want versus a need.  Savings versus spending.  How to run a successful hot dog stand. How to balance a check book.  How to properly shake hands.  These are just some of the wonderful lessons taught by parent volunteers through the Junior Achievement curriculum in grades K-5.  All we need is your enthusiasm, life experiences and a willingness to teach.  Junior Achievement provides all the class materials and step-by-step lesson plans.  This is a fun and easy way to spend some time in your child’s classroom!  

In addition to classroom lessons, the 5th grade classes participate in a capstone project called BizTown where they “work” for a day in a simulated community.  Each student is assigned a job and must complete assigned tasks.  In order to help facilitate this experience, parent volunteers are needed in each of the businesses. This is a wonderful experience for parents and students!

Sign up here if you would like the opportunity to present a lesson or be a part of the BizTown Field Trip!  Additional information including specific dates and times for your classroom will be communicated after Winter Break to those who sign up.

If you have questions about Junior Achievement, please contact Mary Ann Petree at [email protected] OR
(713) 480-1977.

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